Cyber World War Warning from Security Experts

Security button pointing the highest position with two fingers, Conceptual image for risk management

Top experts in internet security have warned about possible cyber terrorist attacks that can cause disastrous consequences. This is a likely-happen disaster as the world is experiencing cyber war threats.

One of them is Eugene Kaspersky who is not given much overemphasis. However, this Russian scientist is notable for founding an internet security domain that has reached many geographical areas, expressed his concern in the increasing cyber security crimes.

He noted that the world was close to cyber terrorism, a global issue that need to be expressed. He also highlighted possibility of collaborations between cyber criminals and terrorists.

During the London Cyber Conference, Eugene Kaspersky said to the Sky it was possible that cyber terrorism would be the most immediate threat to face world nations like China and US and it would be hard to deal with it. He also noted the existence of certain cyber wars such as hacktivism, espionage and cybercrime that may soon face cyber terrorism.

Another world figure, British Prime Minister David Cameron, at the conference expressed his deep concern to the ever growing cyber alarm. He said that the international cyber security threat pressing concern that should be handled effectively.

He also highlighted the high scaled attempts by terrorists to steal government information and secrets for the benefits of other nation states as well as competitive global commercial organisations. However, he noted the use of highly cultured methods to curb these attacks.

Cameron also added that they are ready to respond to these attacks, the same way security threats are handled. To ensure this is done, Britain injected £650 million to fund for cyber defence. This was included in the Strategic, Defence and Security Review that was held last year and warned any attempts would be handled effectively.

A recent threat was the Duqu that was noticed by Symantec and McAfee and is said to be a spyware worm that was directed to target the industrial manufacture of items by European companies. It is believed to use similar codes that are used by the Stuxnet, an infamous work which is believed to have destroyed an Iran’s uranium nuclear facility.

Another, expert, John McAfee said that the 3rd world war would be as a result of the cybercrimes, and that the Islamic State, a religious extremist, would be a vital enemy as it had the power to defeat the West. He said that the ISIS was ready for a cyber-war and the West was no match to the Jihadists.

McAfee has noted the level of incompetence should worry the Americans and computer networking level was low and its immediate would be a cyber-war.

There is a notable effort by Foreign Secretary William Hague of dealing with the problem by setting a conference to address the issues with no international protocols to call nations to justify their work in cyber space. It would also not include international organizations to deal efficiently with cyber criminals.

These attacks have increased in recent years and many cyber experts think that it is likely that it is possible perilous national infrastructures will be attacked and this could include important things like nuclear power plants and traffic lights.